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Nekter-Juice-Bar-Manhattan-Beach-8How many products do you use and realize there’s a better way, but don’t do anything about it? …and then you see someone else took it to market & is killing it?! Or you have a passion that you want to share, it’s new and different but you’re not sure you can build a biz around it? This has happened to me many times, but the truth is we can’t always build a biz every time we have that light bulb idea. But if it’s truly your passion or obsession and you are known for that thing, maybe you should follow that gut instinct!

Alexis Schulze did just that with Nekter Juice Bar. They’ve gone from 1 to 50 stores in just 4 years! Here’s the HuffPost article I wrote on their start up journey.

I hope you find inspiration in the Nekter start up story. You can start with passion and then surround yourself with others to grow the business. 

good instinct

If you keep hearing that voice that says you are the best jewelry designer or make the best raw food product or have a knack for clothing design…listen. See where it takes you!

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