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Starting a new venture requires time and effort that can throw even the most organized people into a state of chaos. This got me thinking recently about time and the debate about being busy vs. productive. The key to my time management has always been setting priorities. Anyone who knows me well, knows that my non-negotiable is a daily morning yoga class. Yoga classes are time consuming at 90. min each, but it’s worth it because this is where I find my clarity, get my creative juices flowing and let go of negative thoughts and stress. It’s been 25 yrs. that I’ve made it a daily priority. 

I talk about time management in my book, Your Idea, Inc.  and how when you start a new biz, you’ve got do the best you can to juggle everything. Here are my top 5 tips to saving & spending time:

1. Lists are key: Start the day with a list of Must-Do items. Be vigilant about getting through them without getting distracted. Start with the most difficult things first. 

2. Don’t allow distractions: Turn off your phone(s) for the time that you need to make your calls, do emails, focus on that list. 

3. Remember the phone actually works for talking too! Don’t leave everything for email. I’m guilty of this but I’m always glad when I do pick up the phone instead.  Emailing has become the go-to mode of communication but it’s not always the most effective and certainly not great for building biz relationships. Some things are better asked or explained than emailed. 

4. Schedule your day instead of winging it. You will be amazed at how productive you will be knowing you have limited time for each task.

5.  Allow yourself time to recharge & rejuvenate every day, fresh air works wonders, deep breathing is a cure-all!

Time For Change Clockface

When you want to start a biz, it will definitely take a chunk of time away from everything else. You have to make the most of the way you save and spend your time. Just becoming aware of it is the first step in making changes. This sums it up really well:

many-things-arent-equal-but-everyone-gets-the-same-24-hours-a-day-7-day-a-week-we-make-time-for-what-we-truly-want-677180I’d love to hear about productive changes that you make as you launch your biz. 

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