Your Idea, Inc. is a lively, informative weekend workshop rolled into a paperback. Sandy Abrams has written an indispensable step-by-step guide for anyone even casually considering developing their business idea into a reality. Her mix of practical advice and information with inspiring start-up stories demystifies the process of birthing a new business and makes the prospect far less daunting. Abrams is savvy and experienced, and a highly effective cheerleader for all of us who dream of independence and financial success.

Meg Cadoux Hirshberg

columnist , Inc. Magazine.

The conversational tone made me feel as if I was sitting with a friend who has “been there done that” and is now sharing her wisdom. The combination of inspiration, motivation and practical how-to’s is a perfect blend for the first-time entrepreneur.

Erin Casey

Editor , SUCCESS for Women

Passion trumps experience. Your Idea, Inc. gives first time entrepreneurs the immediate advice needed to get started and follow their dreams.

Michael Greenberg

President, Skechers USA

No need to keep that great idea locked up in your head any longer! Your Idea, Inc. inspires first time entrepreneurs to just roll up their sleeves and get started no matter how limited the resources or experience.

Jane Buckingham

Founder , “The Intelligence Group” Trendforecasting Company

Inspirational! Sandy shares her entrepreneurial secrets in this authentic and motivational book. Makes you feel like you
can achieve your own business aspirations. A “must read” for the Modern Mom.

Lisa Rosenblatt


Sandy Abrams offers a step-by-step guide for starting your own business that lays bare many of the challenges new entrepreneurs face and then gives advice on how to overcome them. This 12-step program is a clear and concise resource for aspiring business owners.

Jess Weiner

Self-Esteem Expert and Author, “A Very Hungry Girl,” and “Life Doesn’t Begin 5 Pounds from Now.”

After reading this book, I wish I had this book when I started in business. A great resource!!.

Jackie Applebaum

CEO, Privé Products

Founder and CEO of Moisture Jamzz Moisture Gloves, Abrams started with a business idea–and little else. She went in search of a comprehensive guide she could understand without having an M.B.A. that would teach the basics in a step-by-step fashion, but could find nothing. Undaunted, she learned the ins and outs of starting a business on the fly–and wrote the book herself. The result is a positive playbook for turning a great idea into a workable business model. There’s a wealthof information, presented simply but comprehensively, covering such essentials as intellectual property, LLCs, overseas manufacturing, software, paperwork and credit cards, as well as larger subjects such as marketing, Internet sales, Mom and Pop stores vs. big chains, customer service and work/life balance. Thoughtful pop-ins of “Biz Brainstorms” and “Million-Dollar Tips” insert additional advice along the way. Abrams cheers “No MBA–no money–no problem!” and provides a welcome, refreshing pep talk for budding entrepreneurs.

Publisher’s Weekly, 7 September 2009