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This week for my HuffPost SmBiz blog, I interviewed ‘Tech Catalyst,’ Lori H. Schwartz.

FullSizeRenderShe’s made a career of explaining technology products to people and brands, so that we can understand them and utilize them in a way that will make our lives better. So, whether you want insights for your own life, your family or business life, she’s got you covered.

Here’s the HuffPost article. She’s a wealth of information and also offers her recommendations for consumer friendly tech resources.

I’ve written about my love/hate relationship with social media and tech and one thing I learned from Lori is to just take what works for me and not feel like I have learn about everything. It’s too much, too fast to keep up with tech these days. Has anyone tried the new Amazon Echo that she mentions? This intelligent agent sounds pretty cool!

During summer, my favorite apps are podcasts. I love to listen to inspirational biz podcasts while taking a walk by the beach.  I’m loving TED Talks right now.  

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