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for-every-minute-spent-in-organizing-an-hour-is-earned-8The crisp, clean, new white calendar; the old school paper one…it’s a ritual that I enjoy every single January. It’s like a fresh canvas with unlimited possibilities. The goal is to fill it up in ways that lead you closer to your dreams and goals.

January means having fresh supplies to feel organized and inspired. I always spend some time in December setting goals and de-cluttering; out with the old and in with the new. It’s not just a mindset, it’s about the physical space as well.

I’m thrilled to be partnering with Staples to share their ‘Less List for Business’ which offers 28 essential items that businesses need every day, many of them are the Staples brand products that deliver value at a great, low price.

Some of the Less List for Business items help me with:

Lists: I’m a big believer in lists and I love the Staples brand legal pads for daily lists and ideas. I prefer this to my other electronic lists, because these will be visible on my desk everyday without having to think about looking them up.

Vision Boards: I love printing out pictures from Pinterest or pulling things from magazines and adding them to my vision board. Glancing at vision boards daily really helps to keep that visual imagery of end goals alive and well. You don’t need anything fancy, a simple bulletin board with new images tacked whenever you see some inspiration can do the trick.

Organizing: Since I work from home, things pile up pretty quickly, mixing biz and personal. January is a great time to review your desk and the way everything is arranged. Clear out things you never use, file old documents into storage, stock up on fresh supplies and feel organized and inspired for new business, new ideas and the momentum that comes with a fresh start. Making space physically for new business is important too.

Take a look at the Staples Less List and see what stands out to help you create your efficient and inspiring workspace. Re-organizing up your desk and your office supplies is a simple way to add momentum, fresh perspective and creativity in the new year.

Cheers to your success in 2016! Take chances, dream big, take small steps…plant seeds that will lead to bigger things by the end of year.


Photo credit: Annette Joseph on behalf of Staples

“Staples helps small businesses get more for less everyday with guaranteed low prices.”

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