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SageInstaCollageWow! What an incredible time at #SageSummit in New Orleans. Sage is a technology company that offers business management, bookkeeping & accounting software to meet any business need for small to mid-sized businesses. It’s that and much more! This was their annual gathering.

With #SageSummit keynote speakers and panels that included Deepak Chopra, Colin Powell, Trevor Noah, YouTube Co-Founder Chad Hurley, Tony Hawk and many other amazing thought leaders like Dolly Singh (Tech Geek, working on the best pair of Stilletos!), Bre Prettis (Founder of MakerBot), Lady Karren Brady, (entrepreneur extraordinaire from UK), actress Jane Seymour, Brandi Temple (Founder Lolly Wolly Doodle) and many more…I knew it would be inspiring! But it was next level for a few reasons: 

1. We forget how great it is to get offline and meet our Twitter friends IRL.  

I’ve been tweeting with other SmBiz people who I admire for years and got to meet a few of them IRL at #SageSummit: Steve Strauss, Rieva Lesonsky and Barry Moltz. Now, I will continue to support their efforts online with even more gusto. We’re not competitive, we are all so different in our background and experience, it’s great to get to know others in the same sort of SmBiz online space. There are possible collaboration opps too! It’s always meaningful to connect face to face.  

2. The SmBiz/Entrepreneurial content was over the top.

Sage’s mission is to offer their SME business clients all the support possible, even beyond their software. So, this Sage Summit was the perfect venue for any SmBiz entrep. who just wanted some inspiration and networking…if nothing else. It’s not exclusive to Sage customers.

After the incredible daily energy boost from inspiring & thought provoking morning keynotes there were panels in several small venues within one big conference hall. I went from panel to panel, taking notes, gleaning insights & sharing online. If you know me at all, you know I love #Start Up and #SmBiz stories and I heard lots of them.

The most moving was hearing from 3 people on a panel who each have 3rd or 4th generation businesses in New Orleans. They were: Rubensteins, Adler’s Jewelry, James H. Cohen & Sons, Inc. .They talked about the re-building process as Hurricane Katrina’s 10th Anniversary approaches this month. They were a lesson in resilience and determination.

There are many other stand out speakers but two of my favorites were Ray Wang (Author of Disrupting Digital Business) and Chelsea Krost, a 24 yr. old. expert on millennials. Their talks were high energy and I learned so much from both. 

Some of my favorite quotes from keynotes: Credit goes to @RebeccaColeman for saving so many of these on Twitter! 

“Around the world, small to medium-sized businesses are the life blood of the economy.” @SkellyCEO

“More photos have been taken in the last 12 months than in the entire history of photography.” @SKellyCEO

“Believe in perpetual optimism as a force multiplier: it will leverage your ability to get things done.” Colin Powell

“As leaders, we have to focus on 3 things: inspired teams, shared vision, and emotional connections.” Deepak Chopra

“We wanted to build a platform where everyone could participate. It was the democratization of video.” Chad Hurley, Co-Founder YouTube

There are so many great quotes this would get too long, it’s probably best that you check the keynotes out, all of the talks can be seen here

3. Learning more about how a large global brand operates.

It’s cool to get a look behind the scenes of a brand. With Sage, I was very impressed with the tight connection within the company that spans across the globe. Their energy and enthusiasm for business, success and tech is contagious at every level of their team.

If you’re interested in #SmBiz and the entrepreneurial lifestyle, follow Sage on Twitter for business insights and inspiration. They’re active with sharing knowledge and key resources.


And probably the best part about this conference is the new friends that I instantly connected with & will stay in touch with! Looking forward to hanging out with you at #SageSummit 2016: Rebecca Coleman, David Thaddeus Baker, Rebecca Bollwitt, Thomas Power, Aimee Ertley, Gina Madson, Amanda DeFuria, Dru Chai, Brian Webb, Bryant Young, Ellen Forbes, Jeremy Corner, Gabie Boko and the last person I met at Sage Summit was actually introduced to me in the security line at MSY, Nick Goode. Even that meeting was productive as we re-grouped with Thomas Power in my departure lounge and launched our idea of #SocialWave leading up to #SageSummit2016

What a week!

Let’s connect on Twitter,  Facebook   & Instagram and now…Periscope, if we’re not already. #TakeAction Follow your dream…

enjoy the day~


*Disclaimer: I am a paid Sage ‘brand corresponent’ but these views are my own & they’re honest!