sandyabrams4RSandy Abrams’ smart, concise book is nothing less than a roadmap to the American Dream. When she had achieved her own initial business goals, Ms. Abrams remembered how there were no user-friendly books to help her when she started and took the time to share her wisdom and experience with others with Your Idea, Inc. The likeable business success story-turned-author breaks what seems an enormous undertaking into smaller, manageable steps with worksheets along the way to keep readers on task. And apart from her own inspirational story, she has collected and shared many pricelss pop out anecdotes telling the story of others who’ve achieved their dreams.

Budding entrepreneurs or CEOs will learn from Ms. Abrams’ practical advice and every business school should put the book on its required reading list in place of more abstract instructional materials if they really want to inspire the next generation of leaders.

Perhaps most remarkably, not since Donny Deutsch’s show, “The Big Idea,” has there been a voice in the marketplace that not only teaches but creates community for those beginning to hatch new enterprises. By providing many bootstrapping examples, especially her own story, Ms.Abrams creates a space as nurturing as her own fabulous spa gloves, Moisture Jamzz.
– – M. Seaberg

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First off I wanted to say that a book like Your Idea, inc. is exactly what I needed! I have already founded, grown and sold a company that I started from scratch and turned into an international company, but just when I thought I couldn’t be “refreshed” with new ideas and a new direction toward business I saw Your Idea, inc. It is exactly what I needed to get motivated to get back into the wonderful world of business and to do it with a fresh start and an entirely new way of thinking. Since I sold my business of fifteen years (which was the only thing that I knew) I signed a non-compete agreement for ten years. The moral of the story is that for the last year (dreading temporary retirement! LOL) I have been sitting around trying to think of what I could start that has nothing to do with the business that I had been a part of for so many years.I have only gotten through the first 180 pages of your book and I am glued to it. In fact I have read some of it a couple of times. It has motivated me more than (believe it or not) even the five or six Donald Trump books that I have.
– – D. Hart/ Ohio


I just bought your book and am reading it now. It is amazing! It is like you were reading my mind and answered all the questions I had. I have never read a business book that I really understood until now! I will defintely follow your steps. I have been so stressed out on where to begin, and now I know, thanks to your book. I have already lined up 6 friends who are in different aspects of business for their advice. I was excited to see that I have already done some of the things you suggested. I hope to continue on to become the next hottest brand. I just hope my tendency to procrastinate doesn’t wreck it.

Thank you for writing this book. I will now have fewer headaches, more courage, and peace of mind as a navigate the process.
– – L. Haight/ Louisiana


Sandy Abrams nails it! This book is the perfect, easy to read, guide to get your idea out of your head/dreams/computer/garage and get it onto the shelves of stores. Great for beginner entrepreneurs, yet inspirational for the seasoned pro. I’m a big believer of needing a kick in the creative butt once in a while and Sandy does it!
– – c.  Piasecki Newport Beach, CA


Finally – a guide to building a business from a woman who made it on her own. As an entrepreneur without an MBA, I face a number of challenges: How do I develop my product without an engineering/design background? How can I convincingly portray my start-up as an established, professionally run organization when it’s headquartered in my guest bedroom? How do I set up a company without incurring thousands of dollars in legal fees? How do I navigate a trade show when I have no prior experience as a vendor? Sandy Abrams addresses these questions and

Your Idea, Inc. provides aspiring tycoons with the information they need to take their million dollar idea from fantasy to reality. If you have ever flirted with the idea of making it big on your own, I strongly recommend you purchase this book. It has proven to be an invaluable resource for me. Like Sandy says in her book…no MBA…no problem. Thank you, Sandy Abrams!
– – D. Dobin / Los Angeles


As a field sales rep, I consider my territory my “own business” and I am always looking for ways to grow my business, find new customers and think outside the box. YOUR IDEA, INC contains so many motivational stories and great business tips. I started using the concept of an “elevator pitch” when I prepare for sales call and know my time is limited, on recent tough day in the field, I read one of Ms. Abrams, “If they can do it, so can you” stories and it motivated me to keep going. Lastly, Step 12 on maintaining life balance, helps me keep my priorities straight. After reading YOUR IDEA, INC, I know that if I do ever start my own business one day, I have a perfect step-by-step guide, that will lead me to success. Thank you Ms. Abrams for writing an easy to read, practical and inspirational book.
– – S. Eller / CA


Finally, a book that both inspires, and instructs! Your Idea, Inc by Sandy Abrams is written for anyone and everyone. Sandy creatively combines her expertise, realistic, step by step details and motivational heartfelt stories to model how to make your dreams come true. Her positive and no nonsense attitude makes you want to follow through with the inner rumblings and ideas that seems to come to your mind but never come to fruition. Her drive and determination, paired with support and concrete examples make for the perfect combination to set anyone up for success. Her million dollar tips and biz brainstorms are user friendly and add to the depth this book offers. I know this is all I need to move forward with the ideas I have, thank you Sandy!!!!!

– – D. Hasiuk / PA


This book gets right to the point of how to take a great idea and make it a reality. There is advice on everything from acquiring a Domain Name for a website to learning how to trademark your product. A must read for a beginner as well as those who have start-up small businesses who would like to take their business to the next level. Frank Smith- CEO of Investment Group Management
– – Frank Smith / MD


I’m starting up a new business, and Your Idea Inc. couldn’t have come on the market at a better time! I don’t have a business background at all, and this book doesn’t have a lot of confusing business jargon. It just feels like a friend who’s made it is talking to me one-on-one and giving me great step-by-step advice. Just when things I need to do seem to be overwhelming, she’ll have a quick motivational story of someone who’s made it, a “million-dollar tip”, a personal experience, or even a Biz Brainstorm chart to help sort through everything and make it all seem possible to do. I highly recommend this book!
– – N. Shapiro / MD


I am so grateful for Sandy Abram’s book. Her words of wisdom, encouragement and practical information brought tears to my eyes. I have been thinking about my own “idea” for over 4 years. But without a business background, I had no concept of where to begin. “Your Idea, Inc” has given me the map and the confidence to begin the process of turning my idea into a reality. hanks to Sandy I am now on my way.

– – D. Campbell / CA


My friends and I are often chatting about an “idea”, but it never seems to go beyond our conversations. Primarily because we don’t know what the next step would be and I guess it is a bit intimidating to take that leap of faith of becoming an entrepreneur. Well, this book helps you break through that barrier. The Arthur, Sandy is inspiring and helps you to realize that anyone who has an idea has the ability. This book helps you to start taking action and provides you with a step by step guide on how to execute and bring that dormant idea to life. The author, Sandy has such a conversational, inspirational writing style that makes this book an easy and enjoyable read and of equal importance, she provides exercises and action steps to start putting that idea into motion. Don’t wait and take the first step… buy this book and start taking action steps so you can witness your “Idea” turn into “Tangible Results and Success”. – – P. Currie/ GA


I purchased Your Idea, Inc. when I was in the early stages of starting up my new business. I have since read the book cover to cover multiple times and use it often as a reference guide. If you are starting up a new business or even if you’re thinking about it — get this book. You’ll be glad you did!!

– – jupton