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Happy New Year!

December can be a crazy busy month with the Holidays, so if you didn’t have time to complete your reflection and review of last year, it’s not too late! It’s always helpful going into a new year with the Monday morning quarterbacking of seeing what worked and what didn’t from the past year.

My focus for dreams and goals has been about first finding clarity for what you’re really trying to do in your business, career or life. Once you have that, create your own opportunities. Figure out where you can add value and begin to do that. You don’t need to wait for anyone’s approval or permission. Even if it doesn’t monetize right away, put ‘it’ out there so that others can see the value and gain from your knowledge in whatever form that may be. Share and contribute and then let your market find you.

Sometimes we have an idea of what we want to do but after we begin, it can take a new shape. Be open minded to that new form of the idea. Take chances this year!

We tend to spend so much time online, I’m going to try to go to more conferences this year and connect more IRL, building relationships. Social media cannot take the place of face to face, it just enhances it. I’ve always loved conferences and trade shows & really enjoy sharing what I learn from entrepreneurs and thought leaders at a variety of #SmBiz centric events. There’s nothing more energizing than a trade show or conference. I always leave inspired and motivated from the collective and creative energy. 

Here are some of my recent posts for #SageAdvice. Hope you find some nuggets that will help you make this year one of your best years yet!

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Wishing you much success~

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