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I’m thrilled to be participating at Sage Summit 2015. This is one amazing opportunity to network, learn about #SmBiz and the entrepreneurial spirit, soak up inspiring energy and leave with actionable takeaways to build even more success for your own biz! If you haven’t heard about the Sage Summit, please click that link.

The keynote speakers are…drumroll please!! Tony Hawk, Chad Hurley (YouTube Co-Founder), Deepak Chopra, Trevor Noah, Colin Powell and many more diverse disruptors & market changers.

Please take advantage of the HUGE discount code above if you need the kind of boost that comes from these events. Plus, connecting offline with other #Entrepreneurs and like-minded #SmBiz people brings the best ROI. And…it’s in the Big Easy! (A nice change from the standard Vegas venues.)

Hope to see you there!  Let’s connect on Twitter,  Facebook   & Instagram if we’re not already.

I also offer small biz consulting & coaching if you’d like more inspiration and direction. 

Enjoy your day~


*Disclaimer: I’m a paid Sage brand endorser.