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We’ve heard those words countless times. Sometimes they really resonate with people but for others this can be more difficult to figure out in regard to following a passion and earning a living within that niche. 

Recently, I interviewed JP Labrosse, a lead engineer for iPod who spoke about how his life long passion for music has contributed to his success as a designer. He says, “The great musicians and creators of music are designers of experience. My training in music solidified my process as a designer. Music is about having a visceral response and great products do that too. Improvisation drives innovation. The skills that a DJ uses to get groups of people to move together symphonically is a set of skills that entrepreneurs can utilize for building companies and keeping people moving together while creating something.”

Here’s the full article on JP Labrosse‘s latest innovation and vision via HuffPost. Earning a living doing what you’re passionate about is the key to never feeling like you’re working. So, if you haven’t been able to do this yet, try to find a way to integrate your passion into what you do and possibly earn some money. With the internet, this is easier than ever before. Here are just a few ways that you can turn your passion into a community and eventually monetize.

1. Start a blog;  share your perspective on the topic that’s most exciting to you. 

2. Start a podcast and provide information and/or interview people in that industry. 

3. Offer your talent by selling a product. If you’ve been making the most amazing products for the school’s bake sale, think about selling them to a local restaurant or bakery. 

4. Join a group, on or offline, and see how others have utilized their talent/passion to earn money. 

When you can work at something that you love, life feels more rewarding, fun, optimistic. You can find a way to integrate your passion and your work. Just give it some thought and see what ideas come up. Then figure out a way to connect the dots. There are so many possibilities! 

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