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My HuffPost SmBiz blog features Seed&Spark co-founders Emily Best and Erica Anderson (above). As indie filmmakers, they took the leap into entrepreneurship because they just had to disrupt the film industry…and they have made amazing progress since their launch in 2012. Click the link to see the full story on their crowd funding platform that also offers #IndieFilm distribution on that platform and many others. 

They are so inspiring on many levels. One example is their perseverance and determination to help their entire industry. It was broken. It was difficult for indie filmmakers to get funding, build an audience and find distribution. Now, they can accomplish all 3 goals with Seed&Spark. They’ve built a powerful community that is shaking things up to improve the lives of all of the creative people who make films without a big commercial-sized budget. 



Right?! I hope you find inspiration in their story of persistence, hard work, willingness to learn an entirely new business and sheer determination to make a difference. 

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