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The answer to that question is…YES! In the introduction of Your Idea, Inc. book, I wrote “Whether you are a teacher, a chef, a stay-at-home mom, or a truck driver, a great idea is a great idea. You are qualified in your own way to join the ranks of every other entrepreneur who started out with only a dream.”  

One thing I love about entrepreneurship is that there is no requirement to ‘join the club.’ You don’t have to have an MBA, you don’t need any business experience, you don’t need to be rich…what you do need is passion, persistence and a positive outlook. 

I meet people all the time who say they want to start their own small business but then they start in with reasons about why they can’t do it. One excuse is that they don’t feel ‘qualified.’ One of the main reasons that I wrote Your Idea, Inc. was to let people know that if I can do it, they can do it. I had no business experience, my college degree was in broadcasting/journalism. I didn’t know what a purchase order was or the difference between wholesale and retail. But because I had a passion for my product and was persistent in learning to find a way to make things happen, I found my own path to entrepreneurship. My eternal optimism helped greatly along the way. It still does. I can be frustrated and exhausted but wake up the next morning feeling there will be another chance. 

Learning along the way as you build your own business is the best experience. It’s valuable to know each aspect of the business. If you’re young, there’s not much risk to giving it a shot. If you’re older, you can take whatever life experience you’ve had and use it to help you in business.

I wrote a HuffPost  article about how entrepreneurship made me a better parent, but you can be sure that the flip side is true as well. If you’ve been a stay at home mom, you have talents that will serve you well in business too. If you’ve been an accountant your whole life and want to open a cupcake store, go ahead. Your passion for baking will lead you to figure out the recipes and your mindset for numbers will strengthen your biz foundation. 

Whatever you’ve done in life, it will likely help you in some way as you become an entrepreneur. You are qualified… as long as you are open minded, agile, resourceful, hard working, passionate, persistent and have a positive attitude. 

It’s never too late…follow-your-dreams-large-msg-134660694079

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