C.E.’Om/Breathe Like a Boss! Consulting

Sandy has been practicing yoga and meditation since 1989. (almost 30 yrs.!) She completed Yoga Teacher Training in 1995 at the renowned Center for Yoga on Larchmont in L.A. and has clocked in well over 10,000 hours of yoga/meditation practice.

She credits her unique system of Breath for her success as an entrepreneur. She says, “Breath is the most underutilized tool for success!” She’s begun to speak and write about her techniques that empower entrepreneurs to manage their energy/attitude and perspective easily and efficiently throughout the day; in their own unique way.

Entrepreneurs sometimes never find even a minute of quiet during the day, this doesn’t have to be the new normal. Constantly connected digital lives require on-demand solutions, Sandy’s simple and effective system allows meditation at the speed of entrepreneurial life!

She trains people to quickly move from a place of fear or insecurity to confidence and clarity. Breathe your ideas to life. Tap into a clear, quiet and creative mind that is lying dormant. Upgrade your breath and improve your life.

Learn how to Breathe Like a Boss!


Sandy is available for a variety of gigs: She can bring a collective energy together at an entrepreneurial, business or women’s event, Curate corporate trainings, 1:1 consulting. Provide customized content on breath/meditation/wellness.
Inquire via : Sandy@YourIdeaInc.com